Little Wheels Training - Come Ride With Us!

Mar 19 update:          We are having difficulty securing a commitment for new bikes.

We are currently sold out of all Woom models.

We sell Woom bikes in Canada, the world's best made kids bikes.

Little Wheels Training® is passionate about getting children to be more active.

We foster early biking skills in a safe hands-on space with our educational programs.

Woom Bikes in Canada

Woom builds industry-leading children's bicycles. These are some of the lightest and safest bikes in the world, and even the smallest include a tiny handbrake.

Little Wheels Training offers gently-used and floor model Woom bikes at a discount compared to or the official Woom website.

Bike Purchase Wait List

Having trouble locating a Woom kids bike?These hard-to-find bikes are very popular.

Ensure you get yours by joining our Bike Purchase Wait List.  No obligation! You only buy after the bikes come in.

Balance Bike Classes

Have a toddler (18 months-4 years) interested in balance bikes? Little Wheels Edmonton® offers beginner classes for the inexperienced rider, and an advanced skills option for the little one who's already cruising but wants to learn even more! Classes are based in Edmonton and run during the colder months.