About Little Wheels Training

Little Wheels Training sells Woom bikes in Canada. We are able to ship anywhere in Canada. We sell "gently used" kids bikes, meaning they may have small paint blemishes, but are otherwise in perfect working order. We receive bikes from Woom floor demo models, undamaged Amazon returns and occasionally unsold stock from prior years.

Little Wheels Training is also the leader in early childhood wheeled sports education, for children and teachers alike! We offer popular eight-week balance bike classes to give families a head start on bicycle and traffic safety learning even in the winter, when getting riding time can be difficult. 

Our Founders

David Morrow is a professional engineer (retired) from Edmonton. He is also a grandfather and loves energizing the development of kids sports. To this end, he helped found Little Wheels Training. He handles all bike sales and supports other aspects of the business.

Elise Barber (M.Ed) is an educator from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with over twelve years of teaching experience. Elise spent years working in elementary education as a music and classroom teacher, in Germany as an ESL teacher, and as a private piano teacher. When Elise's two year old son started riding a balance bike, Elise created games and activities to help him learn to ride. When she realized how much fun he had and how quickly he picked up riding, Elise studied the benefits of balance bikes and wheeled sports on physical development in preschoolers. After realizing the many benefits of balance bikes, Elise launched Little Wheels Training, offering classes to toddlers and preschoolers in Edmonton.

Edmonton families love these programs. They build bike skill development through formal instruction, but also provide practice time during Edmonton's cold winter months. Elise looks forward to helping raise a new generation of competent, thoughtful, educated riders.