Frequently asked questions

What makes Woom bikes superior?

Woom consistently wins best-in-class for their lightweight, innovative design. The geometry of their bikes allow children to mount, push, and turn easily, and even aid in teaching children to crash without injury. Pneumatic tires, hand brakes (instead of coaster brakes), turn limiters, scooped saddle, and low crossbars all help to teach children how to bike quickly and safely. For a review of woom bikes, see All Woom bikes are extremely light, making the ride much more enjoyable for your youngster. Imagine riding a bike that is half you weight? This is what happens to your child when you buy most inexpensive bikes, made of steel heavy frames. Woom has broken this barrier and made it possible for your child to have a wonderful riding experience.

Why balance bikes, and not training wheels?

Balance bikes are sometimes known as 'running' or 'striding' bikes, as they have no pedals. Instead children move forward by pushing with their feet. This allows children to start biking earlier, sometimes as early as 18 months, encouraging early adoption of balance and steering skills. Balance biking builds skills of balance, leaning, stopping and weaving in a very natural and "easy to learn" setting. Training wheels teach a child to pedal first and balance second. Without the learned skill of balancing while moving, children may find the removal of training wheels difficult. Most children who learn first on a balance bike have no problem adopting pedals without ever using training wheels.

Why are your bikes less expensive than

Our bikes are drawn from gently-used floor models, undamaged Amazon returns and last year models unsold stock. This allows us to sell our bikes at a lower cost than, although it limits availability of some sizes and colours. We can show you photos of "your" bike before you buy, leaving you fully confident in your decision and the investment in your child's enjoyment that you are making.

What condition are your bikes in?

Some of our bikes have been used, but very little if at all. Sometimes cosmetic damage, such as minor scratches, may be present. All bikes are in excellent condition unless specifically stated otherwise. Quite a number of our bikes are "new stock" from returns or previous years stock that simply were never sold. We do not sell bikes with any functional damage. Though we describe the bikes as `gently used`, our bikes have never been previously owned and are not ``used bikes` in the normal sense of that term. All bikes are fully functional and checked by Afi prior to delivery.

Where can I see a Woom bike in person?

The current distribution of Woom bikes in Canada is very limited. You are welcome to see a Woom bike in person at one of our Little Wheels Edmonton classes or if you live in Edmonton, by contacting David for a showing. We do not have a storefront and so showings must be arranged ahead of time. We will send photos of any bike prior to purchase to anyone seriously considering buying.

Why not buy a bike from a discount store?

Discount store bikes often cost less than $100, but manufacturers cut quality to achieve that low cost. These bikes are often much heavier, less durable, and have many features that make riding less natural. Woom bikes are an investment in your child's biking ability, and translate directly into enjoyment of biking and of the outdoors. Furthermore, Woom bikes retain much of their value on the used bike market, unlike discount bikes, which often end up as parts or in the landfill.

Tell me about your "Bike Purchase Wait List"?

The bike purchase wait list was created to fairly handle the many requests we get for these hard-to-find Woom bikes. It allows us to request more specifically the bikes you want from Woom and has proven a very effective tool for our customers. Here is how it works: - you provide your email address; and let us know which model and color you would like. It helps if you are flexible with your color preference, as we do not completely control which bikes come to us. - We add you to our purchasing list. - When a bike comes in that suits you, we let you know and you may proceed with the purchase if you wish. You are never obligated to purchase under this plan, buy only if you like the bike, and only when it has arrived here.