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Little Wheels Training teaches young children's balance bike classes in Edmonton, Alberta. Elise Barber, master teacher and Little Wheels Training program creator, acts as both instructor and curriculum developer alongside Little Wheels Edmonton founder, David. 

Little Wheels Training is pleased to offer our balance bike training and safety program to toddlers aged 18-40 months as they begin their biking journey. We start by fitting helmets and balance bikes correctly, then move on to teach children balance basics. Through games, songs, and a variety of fun activities, children will learn how to ride smoothly and with good technique, how to safely cross roads, how to ride on a variety of terrain types, and even some fun bike tricks!

Elise is an experienced professional teacher with a Master's degree in elementary education. Elise has a baby and a bike-loving toddler, and is passionate about the importance of physical activity (and safety!) for little people. Elise is the creator of Little Wheels Training balance bike early learning certification program, and a licensed Musikgarten instructor.


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