Our Philosophy


We believe that children should have access to the best quality bikes and we have engaged with Woom Bikes to ensure these bikes are now available to our Canadian customers.

At Little Wheels Training, we believe that movement and physical literacy are a key part of childhood development. Wheeled sport education offers young people independence, responsibility, exercise, and fun! Our classes are thoughtfully developed to meet the learning needs of young children. Influences for our methodology include Noddings' ethics of care philosophy and Montessori's prepared environment.

We believe that:

  • Children have an innate need to move

  • Movement and activity-based learning meets the needs of children

  • Children learn best through a combination of hands-on exploration and observation, with plenty of opportunity for repetition

  • Relationships and community are key aspects of learning

We believe that safety education must go hand in hand with movement education. As physical skill grows, so does independence, and therefore, so must awareness. Safety must be intertwined so completely with wheeled sport education that it becomes second nature for children.